Horizon Falls NSI Medium Waterfall

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Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 24.5h x 37.5w x 5d

Choose from four available finishes: Patina Copper, Brushed Stainless Steel, Black Onyx or Coppervein NSI Slate

Water fountains made with our NSI Slate use our patent pending technology which sheers a layer of genuine Indian Raja Slate and fuses it to composite material with the same chipped edge technique as slab slate. They are indistinguishable from a thick slab of slate. All the beauty is retained and the weight is reduced by over 90% making it easier to hang a wall fountain. Capacity (gallons) 3 Easy 30 minute or less installation Indoor Use Only Included with fountain Polished river rocks Adjustable flow valve Submersible pump LED Lighting with remote control Water Wonders has made a change in the lighting of our water features, as well as improved the NSI slate panel construction. After customer research it was found that the color changing LED lighting on the natural multi colored slate did not give the desired effects and once the novelty of changing colors wore off most people ended up choosing the warm, white lighting. In response to this we have upgraded the provided LED lighting fixture and added a touch control remote for easy, DIY custom settings.

This feature, otherwise seen on the market as an expensive upgrade, is included with all Water Wonders water features, at no additional charge.

Shipping Information

Shipping Dimensions:

41"L x 28"W x 9"H

Shipping Weight: 52 lbs


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