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Moon pedicure chair is the latest technology has to offer. From its beautiful design and unique styling, the Tri-Color Chocolate Spa rises above its competition. Featuring premium ultra leather upholstery, top-of-the-line full function massage, and an electronically adjustable chair to pamper your clients at the highest level of comfort. Just a lift of your finger the foot rest can be adjusted to three different heights. This pedicure spa is equipped with the EZ-Jet™ Pipeless System - no water pipes to collect stagnant water and bacteria, reducing the risk of bacterial infections and disease.

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Spa Shell

• High Strength Fiberglass Composite for exceptional durability
• Scratch & stain resistant
• Clear gel-coat outer layer resistant to most chemicals including acetone
• Super high gloss Metallic Color finish for easy cleaning and longer equipment life
• Dual-color

Spa Chair

• Advanced human-like full or desired select function massage with timer
• Finest quality & finely detailed ultra-leather upholstery
• Removable seat and back cushion for easy replacement
• Auto adjustable - forward/backward and recliner
• Both arms can be raised for easy access
• Multiple colors to choose from

Pedicurist Chair Stool

• Awesome adjustable pedicurist stool with high quality, strong, polished chrome legs. Uniquely designed for your comfort. Heavy duty casters are standard, as is the color coordinated soft seat cushion and back support.

Other Features

• The most recognizable EZ-Jet™ Pipeless System produces two pressurized water streams and control air to maximize massaging action
- Ensures proper hygiene through ease of cleaning
- Reduced maintenance
- Reduced chances of getting fine from the authorities
- Less chance of leading pipes

• Chromatherapy Technology Light
The most advanced chromatherapy solution yet, it has been designed to deliver the richest color in the broadest spectrum available in chromatherapy. Designed to give the spa an upper class look and feel, this advanced technology light supports an array of colors

• Polished chrome pullout hand sprayer for easy cleansing

• Easy access on/off push button switch for whirlpool operation

• Multiple color options to choose from.

Manicure Tray

• Real wood manicure trays to provide a stable platform for the technician to perform multiple services as the same time. With finish to match chair accent design and clear gel-coat outer layer resistant to most chemical including acetone.

Optional Feature

• Power Discharge Drain Pump
Engineered and manufactured in Germany, the highest quality discharge pump available. This pump will quickly and efficiently drain the tub and requires very little maintenance.. (Note: This pump is only required if you are not draining water directly into an adjacent floor drain.) (Please be specific when ordering)


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