NEW PROMOTION- Pleroma II Spa Pedicure Chair set

Included 1 Pleroma 2 Spa + 1 Technician Stool + 1 Vicki Nail Table + 1 Customer Chair + 1 Employee Chair

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Extended to Jan 4th, 2022

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ws-pleroma2-pedicure-spa - chair-set
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Pleroma II Pedicure Chair

The Whale Spa Pleroma II is made for perfection in a nail salon. It includes a gorgeous LED accent lighting and the diamond quilted PU leather. It is durable and acetone resistant, making it

    The Pleroma, engineered for transformative pedicure perfection. This pedicure chair is marked by luxury with it’s glowing LED light accent lighting, stunning diamond quilted PU leather, and accompanied by the strength of it’s durable and thermal shock resistant “stone style” glass basin. A poignant touch to any modern nail salon.


    -LED accent lighting along sides as well as inside basin

    -Durable and thermal shock resistant “stone style” glass basin that will accept spa liners

    -Select Massage with fully featured programs that knead, tap, and roll the back.

    -Diamond quilted PU leather

    -Massage controls built into armrest - no dangling or dropped remotes

    -Foldable gloss wood trays with cup holders
    -Integrated purse hooks built into armrests

    -Adjustable footrest with calf support

    -Included matching diamond quilted pedicure stool

    -All surfaces treated for acetone resistance

    -2 years Limited warranty

    -Dimensions: 53”L x 30”W x 53”H (trays down) | 53”L x 43”W x 53”H (trays up)

    FREE SHIPPING for 4+ Spa w/in 48 States