Trouble Shooting Pedicure Chair’s Massage

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Trouble Shooting Pedicure Chair’s Massage

The most important part of the pedicure spa is the massage chair. Having a good and functional massage chair is crucial as it plays an important role by releasing stress and tension on yours muscles. Customers not only get to enjoy the pedicure service, but also receive a back massage while getting their nails done. Therefore, its good to know how to troubleshoot when a massage chair is not working. It is quite simple to fix and maintain most problems by following the instructions in this article. If your massage pedicure chair is not working, try to check the power source and all the connections to make sure that the plugs are in the right place. Some remote control on the massage chair has LED lights, if the LED lights do not light up, check the fuses of the chair. Location of the fuses varies by manufacturer. Most fuses are near the physical on/off switch. This on/off switch is typically where the remote control plugs into the chair.

If the massage rollers are not working but the remote control is lit, check the timer to see if its functional. Try to press time and have it set to 5 minutes then press tapping or rolling. All massage chairs require periodic maintenance if they are used all day and everyday. Remove the massage cover and grease any moving parts that you see. It should be done every six months. If your massage roller works but does not roll up or down, then check the limit sensor switches at the top and bottom of the rails. These sensors typically look like tiny black cubes connected to wires. Check the wires to make sure they are properly connected. Also check the motor belt to ensure proper position. If your rollers move up and down but kneading or/and tapping doesn’t work, then check for the DC-motor belt to see if its in its position. If it is, then spin the DC motor manually to bet started.

If your massage pedicure chairs make noises, apply grease on the massage rollers and the parts that are engaging when the noise occurs. Last but not least, if the chair does not recline or move forward/backward, check the safety pin to see if its inserted correctly. The best way to check whether or not you need new control box is by switching the remote with a different chair but make sure it is the same model, otherwise it the remote control probably will not plug in correctly. It is important to purchase a pedicure chair that not only has a high quality massage mechanism but also has parts readily available from the manufacturer.

Most Whale Spa Pedicure Chairs have high quality massage mechanisms. Just call your distributor and support should always be available whether its under warranty or not. World PediSpa offers lifetime support even after the warranty expires, so you are in good hands. For more information about troubleshooting pedicure chair or to get free consultations for the highly rated spa chairs, call 888-733-4880 to learn more. Visit our blog often for more articles to help you manage your salon.

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