Nails and Nail Art

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Nails and Nail Art

Beautiful nails are not just part of good grooming. They have become a part of a woman’s beauty regimen, her way to add flair to her looks. Nails decorated by nail art designs complement a woman’s outfit and add a gorgeous touch to her unique personality. Unfortunately, some women are afraid to give it a try thinking that getting stunningly beautiful nails is expensive. Well, it does not have to be. You can have DIY dazzling nails and do it at home too. Creating nail art on your own is a lot simpler than you think. There are decals, effect nail polishes, nail wraps, nail stickers and other nail art supplies and tools such as nail pens and dotting tools and more that will allow you to create unique designs on your nails.

Here are some examples of attention-grabbing nail designs:

Alternating Colors
This is one of the simplest and easiest nail art designs that you can do on your own. Simply paint each nail with a different nail polish color and you’ll surely get everyone’s attention on your nails.

By Using Effect Nail Polishes
There are numerous effect nail polishes available in the market these days – feather effect, leather effect, croc effect, crackle effect and more. Application is as simple as applying a plain nail polish, but the effect of these exceptional effect nail polishes is equal to salon prepared nails.

By Using Nail Wraps, Nail Decals or Nail Stickers
One of the most common nail art supplies that are easily obtainable from nail shops and even in supermarkets are nail wraps, nail decals and nail stickers. These are easy-to-apply nail art supplies in numerous colors and designs that come complete with how-to instructions that a complete tyro in art decorating can follow with no problem at all.What you can do to ensure that by the time you go out on a date or on a special occasion, you are sporting a really amazing and mesmerizing nails that will turn the heads of everyone you encounter is to practice – practice on your own but practicing with a friend will be more fun.

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