How to Get Your Customers to Keep Coming

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How to Get Your Customers to Keep Coming

When it comes to business, it is always good when you have your quality customers keep coming back for your service, especially when your business is beauty related, like salons, spas and pedicure spas. One way of getting your customers come back for your service is to connect with them and establish a friendly relationship with your customers. To get them visit you regularly, offer them a series of continuous treatments, with discounts and make them pay for the whole package at the very first session they will undertake.

For the customers that come back for the other sessions that they already paid: Let’s take pedicure treatment as an example, when your valued customer take their seat on your relaxing and comfortable pedicure chair and put their feet on the pedicure bowl, you can offer them some extra relaxing services, upgrades and retailed products. Do it on a friendly manner and in a suggestive way. Also, give them an idea on how their next sessions would be relaxing and how it can benefit the in good ways, to keep them excited to come back for their next appointments.

To establish friendship with your valued customers, always make sure to give them five star service and make sure that your employees wear their smiles around your establishment. That way, your customers will be comfortable and happy.

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