Clean Nails Are Every Girl’s Best Friend

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Clean nails are every girl’s best friend

Have you ever had those moments when you look at your nails and shockingly find some of those inconspicuous black stuff found at the very edge of your finger nails? Blimey, that’s a major cause for a total turn-off! Those hated moments when you suddenly notice that dirty black stuff at the tip of your nails are some of the major anxieties that women fear of ever facing. Why? Because every girl’s “state of nail” determines the type of women she is, she’s either a one messy gal or a primly neat one.

So, how best to avoid these moments, you say? The secret lies with constant hand-washing, the black dirt are basically due to the accumulation of dirt particles from scratching the hairlines and any other part of the body. One best way to prevent the piling up of dirt is to use an old toothbrush to brush across the underside and tips of your nails; making use of the common household toothpaste would be a great way to keep your nails white and clean since the whitening chemicals found on these toothpaste helps make the nails stay clean and white naturally. Let the toothpaste stay for about 10-15 minutes on the underside of your nails and you’ll notice that your nails will definitely get cleaner and whiter. It’s important that women maintain clean fingernails since it will be a reflection of one’s inner personal hygiene.


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